About MONAROV & Co.

MONAROV & Co is a leading boutique firm that provides a broad range of services Forensic accounting; Internal Audit; Risk Management; Cyber Security and Consulting services, to a variety of clients in the Israeli and international markets. 

MONAROV & Co is an innovative and creative firm that strives to provide highly professional services while maintaining a close relationship with its clients.


The firm has a staff of 20 employees with a wide range of expertise and professional backgrounds including, Accountants, Lawyers, IT specialists, Industrial engineers, Economists and former Israeli Police Investigators. 


The firm provides services in Israel and abroad. 


In addition to their professional experience, the partners of the firm are known for the emphasis they place on high-quality service and excellent interpersonal relations.

Practice Areas

Internal Audit & Risk Management

MONAROV & Co specializes in risk management and internal auditing services. The firm serves as Chief Internal Auditor and also assists Internal Auditors in conducting audits in a wide range of organizations and on a variety of audit issues. The firm’s guiding principle in carrying out its work is focusing on identifying risks that might harm the organization and performing added-value audits that lead to financial efficiency and cost savings. The firm emphasizes the integration of IT auditing and identification of exposure to fraud in all of its audits.

Areas of expertise include: Internal auditing; Risk Management (operational, financial, technological, etc.); Corporate Governance and Implementation of the Sarbanes Oxley Act.


Investigative Audit

The firm is one of Israel’s leading providers of investigative auditing services, including: Forensic Accounting, Assessing Fraud Damage, Consultancy to organizations in preventing fraud, preparing expert opinions, etc. The firm’s staff includes Accountants, Lawyers and former Police and Fraud Squad Investigators.


The firm has gained extensive experience in investigating complex fraud cases in Israel and abroad and advises leading companies on how to prevent fraud in their organization.


The firm also provides litigation support in commercial cases, liquidation investigations, personal matters, money laundering, etc.

Financial Management & Advisory

MONAROV & Co. focuses on providing financial management and controllership services for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses), which do not require a full-time CFO, but need professional financial & controllership services to achieve their goals.

We offer the following services: Outsourced CFO,

Cash flow forecast and Cash-flow management,

Budgeting and budget control, Preparation of management reports ,  Pricing products and services, 

Analyzing financial reports ,  Improving and streamlining the process of closing the accounting period, Enhancing and assisting the Finance Department, Improving Efficiency and Cost Savings, outsourced bookkeeping services.


IT consulting & Cyber Security

MONAROV & Co has extensive experience in undertaking consultancy work and auditing in the IT sector. The firm has gained experience in preparing IT audits in various areas of activity such as: salaries; inventory; payments to suppliers; billing, etc. The firm also provides services on the highest professional level in all IT-related matters, business continuity, DRP/BCP and Cyber Security  The firm has a skilled, highly trained, experienced and professionally accredited IT staff.

The firm has special expertise in: auditing and securing IT systems; consultancy to IT executives on IT governance and CobiT framework implementation; performing technological risk assessments; data cleansing; preparing business continuity plans; performing authorization and Cyber Security services.

Data Analysis

We view the integration of the world of data analytics into our work to be a very high added value factor and, as a result, when circumstances warrant such integration, we make extensive use of ACL (the world’s leading tool for data analysis and compilation of an ongoing internal audit framework) and additional data analysis tools (in respect of which we are the Israel representatives), such as WizRule.


The program provides for the importing of files from all types of information systems and for the analysis of complex and large volume data files. We would also like to point out that we are the Israeli representatives of ACL in Israel. As part of this representation, our staff members have amassed extensive experience in operating the software, enabling us to provide training to a broad variety of organizations which make ongoing use of this software as part of their audit work.

As mentioned above, as part of our work, our highly experienced staff makes use of other advanced tools in addition to the ACL software,  which provide very high added value to the internal audit work, such as: WizWhy, WizRule, Tableau, etc. which assist us in performing complex statistical analyses, identifying data anomalies, machine learning, etc.



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Galvanize builds security, risk management, compliance, and audit software.

MONAROV & Co is the sole representative (more than 10 years) of Galvanize in Israel.

eDirector is a professional entity that gathers all the knowledge needed by a director.

WizSoft is a leading developer of software products based on data-mining technology (association rules) for the business sectors.

MONAROV & Co is the representative of WizSoft in Israel.


A unique automated system which was developed based on over 20 years of experience in the fields of Internal Control and Fraud Prevention Engagements. The system facilitates the maintenance of an automated, continuous...


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